Recipe: Spicey Chicken Soup

Gonzalez Spicey Chicken Soup Recipe 

🍗Fresh Chicken Thighs from Local Mexican Market🍗 


🥔 2 Brown Potatoes 🥔


 🌶 2 Jalepeno Peppers Verde 🌶


🌽 3 Chopped Corn Cobbs 🌽


🥕 5 Chopped Carrots 🥕


🌱 1 Celery Stem Chopped 🌱


🍅 5 Chopped Tomatoes 🍅


 🌱 3 Chopped Sweet Onions 🌱


1. Fill the pan with water, just slightly covering the chicken.


2. Once water comes to a boil then you can slowly start adding ingredients, a few minutes apart. The ingredient order is the same as pics listed.

3. I keep the pot boiling high for 30/40 minutes, then letting it simmer for additional 30/40 minutes. Once chicken is falling off the bone, you know it’s perfect.



4. I add black pepper once cooked in the pot. Aaand that’s it 🧡 it’s pretty simple, it just takes the right ingredients, fresh ingredients & time ⏰


While you can remix it to fit your own personal preference (like whole grain noodles, different onions, veggies) if it’s not fresh Chicken from the Mexican Market, Jalepeno Peppers & Celery, it’s def not Gonzalez approved 🇲🇽





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